Try out a business idea with an avatar and business strategy tools?

Yes, you can do that seriously, by playing!

Harness the power of gamification as a tool for evolution and…revolution!

This book discusses Business’n’Play, a serious game inspired by design thinking. The purpose of Business‘n‘Play is to help your game alter ego, Jenny or Gianni, realise a business idea by mapping out a real Business Model Canvas amidst unforeseen circumstances, moments of analysis and brainstorming.

Thanks to this volume, trainers and aspiring facilitators, as well as managers, entrepreneurs, gamification enthusiasts and curious Jennys and Giannis, will be able to better understand how to adopt new approaches in strategy consulting and training by reading testimonials from those who have already done so.






Who is this book for?

  • Coaches and aspiring facilitators

    For use as a tool during workshops

  • Employees

    To put yourself in the shoes of freelancers and entrepreneurs

  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs

    To evolve and evolve your business

  • Companies

    To work on team building, develop responsibility, autonomy and collaboration

  • Schools

    To offer students an experience that can bring them closer to the future of work whilst having fun

Business'n'Play facilitator

Discover how Business’n’Play was born and the theory underpinning the game.

Apply gamification to the field of strategic consultancy and formation.

Read testimonials from those who have already used these methods and the impact that Business’n’Play is having

What topics are covered?

Take a look inside……

1. Introduction

2. Presenting Business’n’Play

  • Why a game, specifically?
  • How to play Business’n’Play
  • 15 stories, 15 business models
  • The theory of the Drivers and the 6 personalities
  • The What-if Analysis

3. The principal aspects of gamification

  • What is gamification?
  • Facilitating collaboration and motivation
  • From Storytelling to Storymaking
  • Motivation and fun: the recipe for happiness is served
  • The Importance of the Facilitator
  • Let’s play a game. The 3-3-5 rule: three emotions, three words, five principles to make it serious – by Valentina De Matteo, consultant, facilitator and business innovation designer.

4. From Vision to (Value-Based) Business Model Canvas

  • What is Vision in Business?
  • The Importance of Collective Imagination
  • The Foundations of the Business Model Canvas
  • The Social Business Model Canvas
  • The Creative Business Model Canvas
  • The Personal Business Model Canvas
  • The Value-Based Business Model Canvas
  • “Business’n’Play” Applied to Startups and SMEs – by Stefano Toro, Facilitator.

5. Creativity as an approach

  • Creativity and awareness
  • What type of creativity are you? 8 types of creativity
  • 10 stereotypes associated with creativity
  • Gamification and creativity
  • Who is afraid of creativity?

6. Triggering Innovation

  • Can innovation be accidental?
  • The innovation of the outsider
  • How many types of innovation are there?
  • Digital innovation
  • What is Open Innovation?
  • Ten ways to innovate business

7. Who is Business’n’Play for?

  • Business’n’Play for players
  • Business’n’Play for companies
  • Business’n’Play in the Company – Testimony by Fabrizio Lonzini, Facilitator
  • Business’n’Play in Schools – Testimony by Roberta Cavalli, Facilitator
  • For trainers: Becoming Business’n’Play facilitators