About us

Business’n’Play was created by Sara Malaguti, a digital entrepreneur, founder of Flowerista SRL Benefit Company, and co-founder of Vivarium Creative Lab.

Flowerista is a digital service ecosystem supporting creative and sustainable startups.
Originally established as a blog in 2017, it has quickly become a reference hub for those who want to start their own business and promote themselves online without resorting to loud tactics. We believe in gentle marketing and the cross-pollination of knowledge, and our motto is #conlacreativitasimangia, which translates to “with creativity, you can succeed.”

With a team of consultants and project managers spread across Italy, led by Sara Malaguti, we offer digital and business strategy consulting, live and online training courses, and advanced digital marketing tools.

Inspired by the principle of distributed intelligence found in plants – hence the name Flowerista – we work tirelessly every day to network and create opportunities for exchange and media visibility for our clients. We have recently introduced a support area for funding, both for startup and project consolidation and growth phases, offering targeted consultations on facilitated finance tools, grants, and crowdfunding opportunities. We firmly believe that alone, one cannot go far, but together, as a community, we can go everywhere.

Vivarium Creative Lab is a production house for photos and videos, boasting a team of young and talented collaborators while maintaining the flexibility and cost-consciousness typically associated with freelancers. We observe the world, take notes, and nurture ideas.