For instructors

You too can have Business’n’Play as a training tool in your workshops!

The Business’n’Play facilitator training course is a group course that aims to pass on to participants the theory and methodology of this serious game, created by Sara Malaguti. As well as learning how to conduct a Bussiness’n’Play session, the course acts as a space in which groups can experiment with the dynamics of the game itself. The course does not end after the initial training session, but it is the prelude to continuous discussions and feedback analysis within each group.

What will you learn?

  • When and how to play Business’n’Play
  • What does it mean to be a ‘facilitator’?
  • How to adapt a game of Business’n’Play to different targets and in different contexts
  • How to manage feedback from the participants
  • Case studies
  • Logistics, terms and conditions of the game licence. 
Together with the training, you will also receive the game itself to play in real life and the access to the material for online game play.
Sara Malaguti formatori Business and Play

Who is this for?

The course is targeted at consultants, instructors, educators and coaches. Business’n’Play is a very versatile tool that can be applied in many and varied contexts: with just one game, Business’n’Play can be used in schools and business settings alike as a team building activity. The Business’n’Play facilitator training course is for anyone who wants to use this tool and the Business’n’Play methodology in their workshops.

In 2022, the first Business’n’Play facilitator training course took place, it was open to 10 people at a time who came from many different sectors. However, they demonstrated the shared feeling: a deep understanding that important messages can be put across effectively through a game and through playing.

If you too are interested in getting to know the world of Business’n’Play, get in contact with us! We would be very happy to help you make gamification an integral part of your workshops!

BnP per i formatori

How much does it cost?

The training package includes:

  • 2 hours of online training to obtain the licence
  • A lifetime licence of the Business’n’Play trademark (registered in Italy and in Europe)
  • The game (including board, playing pieces, dice, chance cards, rules etc.) and the online version on the Mural platform where you will find all the materials needed.
Price for training

As well as this you will receive:

  • The rule book with all the instructions needed
  • An invitation template with the Business’n’Play graphics
  • The facilitator stamp
  • A pdf document with the benefits of serious game training in business
  • The identification sheets with the various Jenny stories
  • The worksheet template that needs to be distributed and completed by each participant during the game
  • The contract to sign for obtaining the trademark licence (establishing the use of the mark. It is a licence without commission: once the initial price is paid, you can establish your own price for participation).

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