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What do you want to do when you grow up?
Help your student to respond to this question without fear!

For students, this has always been a difficult question to answer; especially today when around 65% of current students will do a job that doesn’t yet exist*.
Knowing yourself and your own belief, combined with the realisation that there is an infinite number of possible jobs – and that what counts is why and how they are performed – it can lift some the anxiety felt by teenagers when looking towards their future careers whilst simultaneously giving them the opportunity to start taking some responsibility for their own future through their actions, big and small.

What will they learn

  • To work together in groups and how to respect and take on board the suggestions of all involved.
  • How to manage information: the students are asked to manage and process quickly a large amount of data and information.
  • To consider technology and digital tools as a given, as well as a paradigm shift, that will inevitably lead to a better problem solving and innovative approach.
  • To have a better understanding of fluid thinking and how to tackle rapidly changing ideas and solutions: in many cases, the students themselves are already resistant to accepting the idea of a single, stable and linear career path.

*Source: Randstad 2021

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Who is it for?

For middle and high school teachers: Business’n’Play can be brought to the students in a simplified format, that can be completed in presence and which lasts for a few hours. This version concentrates on the attitudes, values and experiences of Jenny and Gianni.

The protagonists of Business’n’Play represent important training tools thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit that is deeply rooted in their characters. There isn’t any theory, there aren’t any traditional format lessons, but the students are quickly thrown into the game after a brief description of the case study to be used. These case studies are based on real start-ups and entrepreneurs based in Italy. This means students can recognise themselves more easily in the values and characteristics of the protagonists than might be possible with large, multinational corporations.

The goal of this collaborative workshop is to demonstrate that there isn’t just one way to do things in life, and that no career path is ever a straight line from start to finish. This game shows them that those who succeed are often those who zig-zag from experience to experience seeking their true calling or who have a thousand interests and want to try a bit of everything! This is called ‘multipotentiality’. It is a unique mix of ability, values and talent that creates a basis for true personal and professional growth.

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Concrete applications of Business’n’Play

Our expert on Business’n’Play for schools:

Roberta Cavalli facilitatori-bnp

Roberta is a digital communication consultant and a mum cycling here, there and everywhere! She is both an excellent listener and storyteller, narrating the stories of ‘small’ businesses that do wonderful things and contribute to a more sustainable world through their altruistic values and actions.

Roberta’s passion for non-profits and her attention to the education of children and teenagers is what has lead her to take charge of the diffusion of #digitalegentile and of Business’n’Play in schools and societies.

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