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Bring Business’n’Play into your business as a team building tool!

Playing games in a business setting seems paradoxical, yet from childhood onwards we have been playing games that teach us some of the most important strategies we use in everyday life and at work. It is thanks to the dynamics of a game setting that we can learn to see ourselves from an outsider’s perspective, create worlds that would otherwise be impossible, communicate with others in a collaborative rather than competitive way and recuperate the fundamental aspects to make a business successful: passion and enjoyment.

Business’n’Play in a business setting puts in motion an open, free and creative discussion.

What you will learn?

The game offers a great deal for companies:

  • Training strategic thinking and a scientific approach: repeated hypothesising and validating
  • Promoting a proactive mindset. One that is closer to the mindset needed in a start-up, where everyone is encouraged to ask themselves: ‘if this was my company, what would I do?’
  • Autonomous development, responsibility and collaboration between employees.


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Who is this for?

This serious game is intended for managers and team leaders of organisations that want to launch or consolidate a transformative and participatory digital process and in which each team member is expected to be an active and responsible player in the process.

Creating collaborative workshops based on game play helps to train the mind and expand vision, find solutions, think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

The Bussiness’n’Play sessions are to be considered as the starting point of this transformation. The sessions are held by a qualified facilitator, and can be accompanied by further meetings more directly tailored to the business itself including themes such as integrating a stronger team culture, strategic development, re-purposing of company values starting from C-level, brainstorming ideas for innovative products/services/etc.. All this is overseen by a qualified professional.

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Concrete applications of Business’n’Play

Valentina De Matteo elaborates on some of our concepts:


For people and organisations, the concept of purpose orientates, illuminates, unravels and refills our fascination with complexity. The construction of the proposition is not improvised but planned. It is not invented in a vacuum, but it is built together. And it becomes powerful only if it is firmly based in authentic values and the constant nurturing of consistent action. This is because we all need to find our own ‘why’, our polar star. This is why we all need to plan in a conscious, disruptive and creative way.


The act of playing is a very natural way for humans to adapt and develop new competencies as it includes, motivates and involves elements of uncertainty and surprise, and it favours the discovery of something outside of the ordinary paradigms. When knowledge is not simply ‘received’ but actively ‘constructed’, learning, co-creation and disruptive thought become powerful tools of collective intelligence and innovation.


Refocusing ourselves away from the concept of ‘planning for the future’ to that of ‘designing the future’ requires a change of mindset, methods and tools for individuals, businesses and organisations. The methodology, technique and practice of preview and foresight are inseparable in the toolbox of individuals and organisations who live and operate in complex structures, enabling them to construct multiple scenarios in preparation of defining their transformative strategies.


Consider organisations as an evolving organism that can adapt and adopt new configurations for implementation in the strategic fields of continuous innovation, change and collective intelligence development. Moving from pyramidal structures to circular spaces, organisations have the opportunity to discover and develop new adaptability through a paradigm shift which (re)designs proportion, roles, rules, meetings and decisions inspired by the principles of self-organisation.

Valentina De Matteo

Valentina is a Senior Advisor in Innovation and Change Management and a PhD Fellow at the Advanced Design Unit, University of Bologna. After ten years working in diverse international managerial roles – sales & marketing, communication, innovation, human capital management – since 2015 she has been working as a consultant in innovation and change management, supporting organisations in the development of new competencies, culture, tools and models for innovation.

She is a teacher, business coach and certified facilitator of idea generation, problem solving and team & organisation creativity development methods and techniques.

Since 2018 she has been collaborating with the Bologna Business School (BBS) in the coordination of the Executive Master in Business Innovation Design (EMBID) and is part of the core faculty of other executive training programmes (Sustainability and Transition Management, Technology and Innovation Management) at the BBS and MIP at Politecnico di Milano.

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