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Don’t just settle… give yourself a chance!

How many times have you been told “you can’t make a living from art” or “study something that will help you get a stable job” or “you have a stable salary, you can’t complain” or maybe even “you have to learn to just settle down and be content with what you have”.

These statements are not invented, in fact they are at the base of many emails that we receive every day at Flowerista – Digital Ecosystem  written by people like you, who are tired of hearing what other people think is the ‘right’ thing for you to do with your life. But what if you gave yourself the chance to think outside the box? If you took some time to analyse the market and see how your idea might function in reality? Have you ever asked yourself what you feel you are truly good at, what your key talent is, rather than what your school report card tells you that you excelled at?

What will you learn?

  • How to start a new business: Jenny and Gianni, the fantasy avatars that we can make perform feats that we ourselves do not let ourselves do because they are too risky, too crazy, too unsuitable, or too innovative.
  • How to think out of the box: to learn to look at ourselves and at other people in different contexts, totally diverse to respect to our current reality.
  • How to use the Business Model Canvas: imagination alone is not enough, so the game is supplemented with the BMC framework to provide you with a real working method applicable in countless areas.
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Who is this for?

Loosely inspired by Design Thinking, this Serious Game was designed precisely for those who want to undertake an entrepreneurial adventure but are second guessing themselves with a thousand doubts or feel that at this moment their business is facing uncertain times and needs a rethink.

The idea was born in the middle of the pandemic. People started to question aspects of their lives and current work situations, wondering whether this was really what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. What was it that had cured the creative and self-empowerment block for Sara Malaguti, the brains behind the game? Imagination. So, why not start from here? Vision and imagination have a fantastic power when it comes to business modelling, even if they seem to be the complete antithesis of it at first glance. But the truth of the matter is that the capacity to see ourselves and others in different contexts and situations to those in which we currently are, is where innovation starts.

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