What is Business’n’Play

Why choose a game?

Because games aren’t just for the kids!

Throughout our life, we use games to experience the world around us, to build rapport with others and to push ourselves to reach a fixed objective.
A Serious Game differs from ‘traditional’ board games as it is designed to resolve certain types of problems (not just the boredom of a rainy Sunday afternoon).

In a Serious Game, the players have to develop different prospects and test them ‘in the field’ to see the effects of their choices.

We must not forget, then, that in the game’s structure the players are the protagonists at the centre of this formative experience. When we play seriously, we are in a state of flow or optimal experience, described as ‘a state in which the person finds themselves completely absorbed in an activity for their own pleasure and delight, during which time flies and actions, thoughts and movements happen one after the other, without effort and without stopping’.

Business’n’Play was created as a Serious Game, inspired by Design Thinking. Let’s see what this means and how it can be useful.


Who are our protagonists?

Jenny is a magnetic, 2D doll – she is an avatar to be personalised with clothing and accessories. She was designed during the first lockdown by the designer Paola Russo, and was the carefree alter ego of the artist during this period of closure. And so the idea of lending her to the Business’n’Play players and making her more three-dimensional was born. By projecting onto her deep set ambitions and work aspirations it also gave us the ability to demonstrate the anxieties and worries related to the fear of launching oneself into the void of starting a new business. Jenny is the stand-in inspired by the principles of design thinking for anyone wanting to transform an entrepreneurial dream into a reality. Recently, we have also introduced Gianni, Jenny’s male counterpart!

What is more, there is a strong value component to both Jenny and Gianni: values such as generosity, honesty and spirituality as well as cynicism, ambition, curiosity and independence. They are all aspects that can be overlooked in our own personalities but which have a great impact on our working lives and choices. By taking these into consideration in the game, we can reflect on their increasingly relevant scope, especially in this period in which we are living.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic model that has many diverse applications as it requires the user to:

  • Identify the target market
  • Analyse point of strength and weakness within the project
  • Analyse the market, evaluation opportunities and risks
  • Choose communication channels that are right for the specific project

With the BMC, you can give that extra bit of shine to your product or service thanks to the attention you have given to this strategy.

The fundamentals of the BMC are incredibly useful and are adapted to multiple situations that can help kick off a company project, launch a new entrepreneurial business or help share entrepreneurial culture and thinking in schools.

This is why we wanted to give ample space to the description of Business’n’Play’s strengths and how they are applicable in any context. Whether you are a trainer, a manager, a freelancer or aspiring to be one, or a middle/high school teacher, you will find that this game is adaptable to whatever your specific needs are!

Business Model Canvas BnP

One game, many possibilities!

Business’n’Play is adaptable to diverse settings, goals and backgrounds of the participants

For those working as employees and want to challenge themselves to experience the life of a freelancer/entrepreneur, and for those who have already taken that step but want to evolve.

For companies that want to work on various aspects of team building and team organization, giving responsibility to each team member.

For schools that want to offer their students a concrete and enjoyable experience, and a fun and creative environment in which they can imagine different future jobs for themselves.

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